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The top seven ways to reduce your blood pressure in Southern Colorado


Everyone knows that influence pays off when it comes to getting what you want.  So we highly recommend
that you spend time with people in high places.

ATV Riding Trails Galore Near South Fork Del Norte Monte Vista Colorado

Maybe you would just rather be the person in charge.  All by yourself.  So, if you want to go it alone, that’s
an option too.

American Basin Rio Grande National Forest Hiking Off Road ATV

No arguments here.  You’ll fine plenty of trails for hiking, off-road vehicles of all types, mountain bikes,
horseback riding and more where you won’t be in a crowd.  Trail maps are available from the
Rio Grande National Forest and at local visitor centers.


Flip it around.  Be the influencer.  Nothing like being a big fish in a small pond for taking all that
unnecessary stress out of life.

Big Rainbow Trout Caught Rio Grande River Near South Fork Colorado

Or, just catch the big fish.

Rio Grande Gold Medal Waters Fly Fishing Near South Fork Colorado

Or hang out in a small pond.

The gold medal stretch on the Rio Grande between South Fork and Del Norte is known for having an especially
high concentration of large fish. Best of all, these waters are comparatively undiscovered. Come late in the
season and you will have the place to yourself. Learn more about this particular stretch of river at the
Fish the Upper Rio web site or by visiting the Colorado Fishing guide.


Hang out with the guys.

Bull Elk Herd Near Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge Monte Vista Colorado

Or gals.

Cow Calf Elk Grazing Rio Grande National Forest Near Del Norte Colorado

Enough said if you enjoy hunting wildlife with your camera. For those who prefer a more traditional hunting
experience a la guns and blaze orange, be sure to visit Colorado State Wildlife and Parks to learn the ins and
outs of obtaining a hunting license. You need to apply before April 7. Check out units 76, 79 and 80.


Maybe you’re the type who likes to take a dip as a good way to relax.

Horseback Range Riding Upper Rio Grande River Area Near South Fork Colorado

You’ll find plenty of ranches that offer trail rides. But, if that’s not your speed, maybe this is:

ATV Rider Crossing Creek Rio Grande National Forest South Fork CO

Be sure to check out the recreation trail map on Rio Grande Country’s web site for information about places to ride.


Some like to kick up their heels to let off steam.

Burris Son Bull Riding Rodeo Ski Hi Stampede Monte Vista Colorado

The 94th Annual Ski Hi Stampede, the oldest pro rodeo in Colorado will be held at Ski Hi Park in Monte Vista
July 23 through 26. In addition to the rodeo, Trace Adkins will appear in concert and dances will be held on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Like that idea of getting out for a little dance? It’s not just for the birds. But they do give a good show!

Sand Hill Cranes Dancing Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge Monte Vista CO

Sandhill Cranes migrate through the San Luis Valley in March and October. The 2015 Monte Vista Crane Festival
took place March 13 to 15; but, there’s always next year! Birders will find no shortage of birding opportunities
in the Valley all year round. Learn more by visiting the San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex.
Summer birding opportunities include chances to spot Wilson’s phalarope, Baird’s sandpiper, black swifts,
American avocets, black-necked stilts, peregrine falcons and golden eagles.


Link up.

Rio Grande Club Golf Resort South Fork Colorado

If you are looking for a golf course that will challenge you, offer outstanding scenery and give you a chance to
take a shot across the Rio Grande, then Rio Grande Club will be a fine place to test your game.

Any doubts? Take another look.

Rio Grande Golf Club Resort South Fork CO

Convinced? It’s one of the prettiest courses around!


Do a drive by.

Fall Aspen Gold Highway 149 Silver Thread Scenic Byway Near South Fork Colorado

On the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. You may need to talk your teenage son or daughter into driving so you can
kick back, relax and take in the views. On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t reduce your blood pressure.

Fall Glory Hwy 149 Mountain View Silver Thread Scenic Byway Near Creede CO

Talk your spouse or a friend into driving instead. Plan your trip for fall when the aspen turn. Trees in the highest
parts of Rio Grande Country will start turning in late August and the colors will continue to turn brilliant gold
all the way down the mountain slopes through September. In October, bright gold cottonwoods along the
Rio Grande are set against brilliant sunny blue skies. Nothing finer.

Spend your next vacation in Southern Colorado’s Rio Grande Country!

The bottom line: Rio Grande Country offers a great range of vacation activities and past times that are sure to help you
unwind and lower your blood pressure. Come to Rio Grande Country to enjoy your outdoor passions. From putting back a few at a brew pub
to climbing up a few in the mountains–from rock hopping on a mountain bike to hanging from a rock by a rope.
There’s something for everyone.

Located just a few hours drive from the front range of Colorado, Rio Grande Country’s small towns–Monte Vista,
Del Norte and South Fork–give you a break without breaking the bank. Considered by many one of the best
vacation values in the state, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and family.

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